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Build Enterprise-Ready Apps With Less Time, People, and Money

May 31, 2022


1pm EST - 2pm EST


Microsoft Teams Live Event

Learn how no-code/low-code solutions enable citizen developers, allow for easy integrations with existing data, and are powerful enough for the enterprise.


FYI: This Office Hours Event was in the past. If you're looking for the next one, see the link below.

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It's common for organizations to use apps to support their business. Some opt for an excel spreadsheet with super powers. Others go the route of fully custom applications.

But now there is a middle-ground with Low-Code solutions. Employees who are close to the problem can build functional apps without a developer background and prove concepts quickly.

In this webinar we'll talk about why you should consider using Power Apps, a tool you may already be paying for with a Microsoft 365 subscription.


  • What is Power Apps?
  • Where Do Power Apps Fit?
  • Types of Power Apps
  • IT + Citizen Developers
  • Q&A

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