Smartest, Most Connected Healthcare Inventory Experience Keeps Costs In Check

Stanley Healthcare

The primary mission of healthcare organizations is the care and well-being of their patients. This laser focus, while appropriate, ignores many of the common problems that all organizations face. Managing resources and costs of inventory.   

For healthcare organizations, the management of inventory in an ever-changing healthcare product landscape creates a significant amount of overhead. Besides the common inventory challenges, (knowing what we have and how much) it's also difficult to know how much is potentially waste or can't be used due to expiration. Having a well-operating inventory system in place is key to managing a vast inventory of products, which have a hefty amount of associated detail.   

For the last ten years, the Bulb team has worked together with Stanley Healthcare to provide innovative ways to solve these problems through product offerings for Stanley's customers.   

To solve the challenge of recording and documenting inventory accurately and efficiently, a cloud based (SAAS) solution that utilizes an integrated Global UDI Database was implemented. In other words, materials managers can enter items and goods from a massive global catalog that includes definitions entered by a community of like-minded healthcare professionals.   

Second, the solution takes advantage of industry-standard barcodes and identification methods to identify items which are nearing expiration or have already expired. This simple feature alone added enough value to Stanley's product that healthcare organizations were hooked within the first week. 

Bulb was able to help Stanley create/build/optimize/transform their product internally, by building out feature sets, and externally by helping them deliver the product more effectively to their customers. Together, we built a strong partnership, adding value for both Stanley and their customers. 

Together, we formed a great team with Stanley Healthcare and created something impactful, that transformed their business and gave them the opportunity to transform others.