Business process can be really complex.

Automate it to save time and leave more room for innovation.

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The world keeps moving forward.
Let's move along with it.

Integrations allow different systems to connect together - if a tool does something great for you already, integrate instead of migrate!

Reliance on developers has gone down as advances in digital tools enable everyone to innovate and contribute.

Automated and easy-to-build workflows are replacing paper shuffling and providing transparency of process.


Get started with a Modern Workplace Roadmap

Choosing the right direction can be a challenge. We’ll help evaluate and audit your technology landscape, assess your organizational capabilities, and create a plan for leveraging technology in your organization and achieving your business goals.

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A Few Ways We Can Help

Power Platform Orientation

Gain understanding of the Power Platform licensing and capabilities. Identify opportunities to leverage the Power Platform capabilities in your business, and define a plan of action.

Power Automate

Automate back office tasks. Connect your line of business applications. Integrate productivity tools and process into your digital ecosystem.

Application Modernization

Whether it's a digital product you sell, or an internal tool that supports your business, sitting on an old platform is going to eventually become a problem. We can help rewrite your application in a modern scalable framework, build a responsive addition, or implement a full redesign.

Power Apps

Innovate within your business with a cost effective no-code/low-code approach. Create apps that move your business forward. Engage users anywhere on any device.

How Your Organization Will Benefit

Improve customer experience

Gain competitive edge

More time to focus on your mission & customers

Reliable, dependable, machine driven processes

Failure to identify opportunity

Failure to realize potential

Investment in the status quo

We Love Making Our Clients Successful

I have worked with Bulb since the very beginning as a company. They are great people who have continued to hire great and talented people. I really view them as a partner organization, not someone hired to merely do a job for us. The Bulb team’s insights, integrity and listening to us as customer is always appreciated.

Mark Maynard
Data Services at Kent ISD

Bulb has been an EXCELLENT partner for this project. One thing I really appreciate is that I personally feel incredibly supported. Your team hears every little "little thought/question" I have and honestly addresses it. It's clear you are just as committed to the success of our project as we are, and that level of support is invaluable.

Lizzie Williams
Communication Specialist at OST

Let's Get Started Today

Modern Workplace Roadmap

We'll work with your team to create a clear plan to leverage Microsoft 365 in your organization.

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Business Apps Roadmap

Identify opportunities where the Power Platform can reduce cost, increase efficiency, and improve productivity.

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Business Apps Concept

Get a plan and justification for a modern business app.

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Power Platform Pilot

Establish and prove value of use of the Power Platform at your organization.

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We'll Be Your Guide To The Modern Workplace

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