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Automated and easy-to-build workflows replacing paper shuffling and providing transparency of process.

The days of large shared drives and fighting over files are gone. Teams demand multi-user editing and realtime collaboration.

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Communication Portal

Share your internal news, organizational information, and keep your team informed, focused, and energized.

Migrate to Office 365

We’ll help you migrate to Office 365, and then be there to help understand the full potential of your new cloud capabilities.

Team Collaboration & Meetings

Organize and streamline your day-to-day team activities. Provide your team with insight through stream-of-consciousness conversations, along with topical and relevant content, in order to drive efficiency.

Drive User Adoption

Leverage a natural and intuitive user experience to break down barriers to adoption. Use analytics to identify patterns, identify high traffic content, formulate business process improvements to create real value for end users.

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