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We'll help you improve your employee experience and automate your business processes.

Modern tools and methods have become more accessible, approachable, and cost effective.
Your business shouldn’t suffer because they aren’t being used effectively
  • We're intimidated by technology
  • We have a lot of outdated and inefficient processes
  • Our employees keep leaving
  • Our customer experience depends on who they're working with
  • We can't grow because our team isn't in sync
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The Modern
Workplace Roadmap
Our Modern Workplace Roadmap will give you a glimpse into your potential future and show you how to get there.

High Employee Engagement

Employees rely on being in the loop. Our roadmap will give you a clear view on how to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other. Your employees will have access to resources they need quickly, and be in the know with what is going on at the organization.

More Efficient Processes

Business processes can be really complex, but odds are they can be automated. With this Roadmap you'll gain a clear understanding on how to automate processes, so you can stay out of shuffling paper and get back to innovating.

An Effective Workplace

Creating a Roadmap to a Modern Workplace is no small task, but with it you'll be confident that you're using technology to its fullest to create a place people love to work, and one that isn't stuck in the status quo.

We'll Be Your Guide

It's frustrating when you're trying to scale your business, don't have the right technology in place, and aren't sure where to start. That’s why we work every day helping companies modernize their workplace and created a simple process to get you started down the right path.

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Employees Connected
Paper Eliminated
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How Modern Is Your Workplace?

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We'll need access to many different areas of your organization to make informed decisions. We'll help you identify key stakeholders to be involved in the project over the course of a few weeks.

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Choose A Focus
There are two different areas we can focus on while we develop a Roadmap. You have the option to focus on one, or bundle both together for a complete Modern Workplace Roadmap.

Communication & Collaboration

Keeping your team on the same page is more important than ever. We'll help evaluate how to use modern tools you're likely already paying for, and create a plan to keep employees connected and delivering successful outcomes.

  • Learn how to get the most out of your existing tools
  • Identify opportunities to adapt new processes
  • Gain confidence in improving your employee experience

Apps & Automation

Don't let processes slow your business down. We'll identify and prioritize opportunities for you to leverage modern development tools in your organization to automate process, connect business applications, and improve employee experience.

  • Learn if any existing processes could be automated
  • Identify easy-win applications that your business could build
  • Get a clear overview of your technology landscape with an understanding of opportunities to improve it

Single Focus

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Starting is the hardest part

At Bulb Digital we know everyone wants to lead a place where everyone wants to work. But that likely means you need to improve how you use technology to empower your people to work better together. This requires a lot of time and expertise, so instead you end up experiencing inefficient processes, employee turnover, customer experience issues, which means you can’t grow or scale. It makes you feel frustrated, behind the times, and like you won’t ever be able to get ahead of it all.

We believe modern tools and methods have become way more accessible, approachable, and cost effective, and your business shouldn’t suffer because they aren’t being used effectively. We also believe that starting is the hardest part, and it takes a lot to get a handle on all the tools and methods. That’s why we work every day to stay on top of what’s new, provide free resources to the community, and created a simple process to develop a Roadmap for your organization.

Here’s how it works: Fill out the form below, prepare your team for interviews, and get on our schedule to begin. So buy a Roadmap today, so you can stop losing employees and using inefficient processes, and start creating a more connected organization that works better together - with your new Modern Workplace.