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At Bulb Digital, we focus on building outstanding work cultures. This is guided by our strong beliefs on how to revolutionize the role of technology in the workplace.

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Technology as the Enabler
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The History of Bulb Digital

In 2014, Matt and Mike joined forces to create Bulb Digital, driven by their experience in tech consulting and a shared passion for innovation.

As our team grew, we decided to focus on the 'modern workplace' in 2019. This move also marked the start of our journey into content creation through blogs and YouTube, where we freely shared our expertise in Microsoft 365.

We've partnered with 25+ clients, transforming workplaces, reducing paper clutter, and continuously learning along the way. What sets us apart is our unique culture—we don't follow the norm; we redefine it.

Bulb Digital isn't just a company; it's a commitment to innovation, knowledge sharing, and a fresh approach to work. We're thrilled to keep pushing boundaries and helping others excel in their workplaces.

Meet the Team

We're lucky to have a team with diverse skill sets and fun loving attitudes. Our unique recipe of talent, experience, and enthusiasm pushes us to seek out tough projects and challenge ourselves. Each individual is capable of great things, and together we become extraordinary.

Mike Bodell


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Matt Dressel


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Mitch Herrema


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Emma Allport, CSM

Delivery Lead

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Matt Kohn


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Michaela Brown

Power Platform Developer

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Benjamin Eizenga


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Josh Everingham


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Livvy Feldman

Marketing Coordinator

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Lucas Dressel


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Jill Bolen


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Our Culture

Our people is what makes us who we are


How we play is just as important as how we work. We believe a team that has fun together will communicate and collaborate better. It's about loosening up, getting to know each other, and learning what makes each individual tick. Having fun is part of fostering a creative culture and something we're sure everyone is willing to participate in.

The bulb digital team standing on a balcony at a ball park


Each quarter we get out in the community for a unique event that's all about team building. It's a reward for hard work and a way for us to grow our family oriented culture. Past outings include, escape rooms, sporting events, card tournaments, and backyard BBQ's. Doing a variety of activities together keeps our energy up and good vibes strong.

Our Ideal Client

We’re a bit choosy when it comes to our customers and our engagements. We want to know we’ll be a good fit for your organization, and that you’re in the best position to get started. Here’s what we look for in a client:

Focused on outcomes, not hourly rates

We do all our work as fixed price projects so you know exactly what you're getting into.

Wants strategy before hands

We prioritize strategy over simply adding more hands to the mix. We'll want to lay out a well-planned approach before diving into a project. Explore our approach further on our dedicated page.

Has a to-do list, not a wishlist

We're all about working with teams that are aligned and driven to make things happen.

Open to being challenged

We’re honest, but we’re kind. We’re here to help.

Access to a decision-maker

Miscommunication is inevitable when we have to play telephone.

Our Work

Modern Ball & Chain

Streamlining Workflows and Driving Growth: A Case Study in Operational Transformation

Modern Ball & Chain

Streamlining Workflows and Driving Growth: A Case Study in Operational Transformation

Wolverine Building Group

A Roadmap to a Great Employee Experience

Wolverine Building Group

A Roadmap to a Great Employee Experience


Let's get to work.

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