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Streamlining Workflows and Driving Growth: A Case Study in Operational Transformation

Modern Ball & Chain

This case study showcases how we streamlined a complex ankle bracelet monitoring workflow through meticulous discovery and customized solutions. This transformation paved the way for substantial employee growth and allowed our client to meet crucial client metrics with ease.

The Opportunity

When Modern Ball & Chain (name changed to protect client privacy) needed to expand after landing a big contract for an ankle bracelet monitoring program, they faced a challenge. They had to handle workflows and report data fast.

They turned to Bulb Digital with clear goals: simplify onboarding, case management, offboarding, organize data storage, meet immediate reporting needs of their client, and set the stage for better reporting in the long run. Modern Ball & Chain and Bulb Digital worked together to find tools and strategies to boost efficiency, meet client needs, and plan for growth.

Before, Modern Ball & Chain used a shared email inbox for all requests, which was tough to manage. To fix this, they partnered with Bulb Digital.

Breaking down the main goal showed these areas of opportunity:

🔄 Streamlining Workflows

Modern Ball & Chain aimed to make client request management smoother, cutting delays and errors. With a high daily request volume causing chaos, they sought to organize processes for quicker and accurate responses.

🗄️ Clear Data for Reports‍

To deal with scattered monitoring data, Modern Ball & Chain worked on tidying up. The goal was to create a simpler structure for precise and clear client reports.

📈 Improving Reports‍

Focusing on client needs, Modern Ball & Chain saw a chance to make reports better. They wanted to pull valuable insights from monitoring data, ensuring reports were delivered on time and accurately.

🤝 Better Client Communication‍

Understanding that a messy process affects client satisfaction, Modern Ball & Chain aimed for better communication. They wanted to be more responsive and accurate, ensuring quality services and happier clients.

🔗 Integrated Systems for Reliable Reports‍

Facing integration challenges, Modern Ball & Chain aimed to make reporting more reliable. The plan was to reduce errors, cut redundancy, and create a smooth system for accurate and efficient report delivery.

Our Collaborative Approach

We worked closely with the Modern Ball & Chain team to make workflows better and manage data more efficiently. Here's how we did it:


Before starting to build anything, we teamed up with Modern Ball & Chain for a Business App Discovery Project. This phase aimed to:

  • Map out their current process.
  • Find easy opportunities for improvement.
  • Create a plan to automate tasks in their existing workflow.
  • Offer different options for them to choose from.

During this stage, we didn't push specific solutions. Instead, we took a step back to fully understand how their business operated, looking for ways to make things smoother.

Once the client picked an option, we moved quickly to get things going. Here's how we did it:



We began with a kickoff meeting, setting priorities and discussing the overall plan. The focus was on improving client request intake and daily reporting procedures.

Weekly Meetings

Scheduled weekly meetings helped us track progress, share updates, and address challenges, ensuring smooth communication.

Design and Demos

We created demos and visuals to enhance the user experience, iterating on designs to align with project goals.


We tested new systems with sample data to avoid data privacy issues. Any problems identified were fixed and discussed in weekly meetings.


After integrating workflows into daily operations, the project concluded. We offered a bug-free guarantee for 60 days for ongoing smooth functioning.

Next Collaboration

Following the launch, we started a new project integrating apps for Modern Ball & Chain, a more advanced Intake Portal.

Additional Features

As the project progressed, new ideas were documented in a backlog for future consideration, ensuring project focus.

This project showcases our adaptable approach for effective collaboration, delivering a solution meeting immediate needs that allowed them to grow quickly.

The Outcome

Our project had a significant impact on how Modern Ball & Chain operates. Here's a breakdown of the key results:

📈 Improved Workflow

The new way of handling client requests made things much better. We fixed issues, responded faster, and clients were happier with their experience.

⚡️ Organized Data

We created a special app to tidy up their data, making it easier to keep track of important information.

✅ Smart Reports

Using a tool called Power BI, helping Modern Ball & Chain gain useful insights from their data. This allowed them to make informed decisions and stay compliant with their client's needs.

👍 Enhanced Client Interaction

The revamped process focused on what clients needed. It provided an easy way to submit requests, and quick, accurate responses increased overall client satisfaction.

🔋 Increased Efficiency

We used automation to reduce manual work, making processes faster and allowing the team to work more effectively.

🗂️ Future-Ready

We made a list of things to do later for continuous improvement. This way, Modern Ball & Chain can adapt to new needs and plan more projects with us.

In summary, our collaboration led to a great solution. These achievements show our commitment to delivering excellent results through planning and teamwork, envisioning a future where operations are smoother and more innovative for our clients.

Technology We Used:

Power Apps (Canvas Apps, Model-driven apps, Power Pages Portal)

Power Automate

Microsoft Forms