We believe all organizations can be successful in their digital initiatives. Bulb has extensive experience as strategic advisors. Our team partners business experts with technical architects, and together we develop a strategy that will address your short term and long term needs.


Organizations are challenged by a changing workforce, fast moving technology, and work that is conducted across physical and digital environments. A modern digital workplace is key to success in today's age. With a proper user-centric digital workplace platform, you'll see productivity boost, and employee engagement soar.

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Today, across all industries, physical and digital products are becoming one in the same. Connected is now the standard. We believe that data informed by AI, will drive the next wave of business insights. Connected products, allow your organization to reach new levels of performance.

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We have a strong understanding of emerging technologies. Our team has the end-to-end skills in human-centered design and development. We utilize best practices to launch business applications that will improve your internal business workflows, and deliver a lasting impact to your organizational goals.


We've learned that data - with proper structure - can provide insights that act as a guide for your organization's direction. We think data should be distilled down to what's most useful, accessible, and scalable. Having a source of data that is correct and an amount that can be understood, becomes a trusted foundation to your decision making process.

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