Build an intranet that's actually good

We'll give you a blueprint to an employee portal that will align your people by giving them access to resources they need and make them feel connected to the organization.

Building a new intranet can be a daunting process

But often we hear things like...

  • My employees don't know where to find the resources they need (or it's a collection of bookmarks).
  • I don't want this to just be a big list of links.
  • What sections should I build first?
  • How do I get people to actually use it?

You've tried all the tools, but feel stuck.

Teams doesn’t work the way you want it to
Sharepoint is MASSIVE and confusing
Project Management feels impossible
Power Apps feels like an investment
Say hello to THE

Intranet Roadmap

Our Intranet Roadmap will combine our strategic skills + your business-insider knowledge

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Get Confidence In A Plan

Most leaders know how their business works and what employees need, but have a challenge creating a user-friendly intranet. Our Intranet Roadmap makes it a simple process.

Start Small, Think Big

Thinking about all the possibilities for your intranet is exciting! But you can start with little steps and grow slowly. We'll help you figure out what to do first so you get the most out of your money.

Align Your Team

Finally. One source of truth for business news. One place to access resources. One place to rally around and build community.

Clear direction when you need it most.

We know it's hard when you feel like your organization isn't in sync and you aren't sure how to get your employees to rally together. That why we work with companies every day to help them build great employee intranets that are designed uniquely to get their teams working well together.

Happy Clients
Employees Connected
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Paper Eliminated

What does this project look like?

Get On Our
Get On Our
30 Day Lead Time
Week 1
Project Kickoff
Strategic Alignment Session
Week 2
Comprehensive Tech Assessment
Week 3
Executive Readout
Enjoy Support
Enjoy Community Support via The Workplace for
3 Months

Getting started is easy.


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We'll work with your team to create a plan for your site structure, navigation, and information architecture of the intranet.


Decide What to Build

Now that there's a plan, you get to decide how much you want to build, and how much help you want.

Get started with an Intranet Roadmap, sized for your organization.

Our Intranet Roadmap will combine our strategic skills + your business-insider knowledge

Tailored Architecture Design

Unified Resource Hub

Better Organizational Alignment

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