A Clear Path to Business Alignment & Team Connection

Our 21-Day M365 Transformation Blueprint takes your business goals, aligns them with the capabilities of your Microsoft 365 tools, and provides a comprehensive, documented strategy for achieving a connected and streamlined team.

Your story is all too familiar.

But often we hear things like...

  • You're sending way too many emails internally
  • Your processes are slow and outdated
  • You don't have "one place to see everything going on"
  • Your employees don't know where to go to find important info
  • You're paying for too many subscriptions for too many tools

You've tried all the tools, but feel stuck.

Teams doesn’t work the way you want it to
Sharepoint is MASSIVE and confusing
Project Management feels impossible
Power Apps feels like an investment
Say hello to THE

M365 Transformation Blueprint

This Blueprint gives you quick, actionable direction to get the most our of your subscription tailored to your business goals.

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Unified Vision and Strategic Clarity

In our strategic alignment session, we talk to your leaders to learn about your goals and what's working or not. Then, we help you all agree on where to focus and what to do next.

Optimized Tech Landscape

We look at all the tools you use, how much you spend, and what licenses you really need. Then, we give you a clear report on everything.

Clear, Actionable Modernization Roadmap

We use what we've learned to make a plan for what you should do next, like which changes to make first and how they'll help. It's all about the next few months, but can often cast some vision for the future.

Ongoing Expert Guidance

You'll get 3 months of free access to our membership community, The Workplace. We'll support you as you make changes, and you'll also get access to helpful resources, tech tips, and updates on what other organizations are doing.

Clear direction when you need it most.

We’ve been guiding companies like yours for more than 20 years. No matter the challenges you’re facing, we’ll help you leverage Microsoft 365 to the fullest.

Happy Clients
Employees Connected
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Paper Eliminated

What does this project look like?

Get On Our
Get On Our
30 Day Lead Time
Week 1
Project Kickoff
Strategic Alignment Session
Week 2
Comprehensive Tech Assessment
Week 3
Executive Readout
Enjoy Support
Enjoy Community Support via The Workplace for
3 Months

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Get started with a Microsoft 365 Transformation Blueprint

This Blueprint gives you quick, actionable direction to get the most our of your subscription tailored to your business goals.

Unified Vision and Strategic Clarity

Optimized Tech Landscape

Clear, Actionable Modernization Roadmap

Get Started

Get Started

M365 Assessment

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