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Data analytics provides insight to educators, helping the next generation of students reach higher

Kent ISD

Access to a wealth of key performance data and a way to effectively use that data to drive decisions is a common challenge. In education, modern analytics tools and delivery methods can be powerful components for providing insights for decision making.  

In the world of education, Kent ISD is a leader when it comes to using technology to improve education. We've worked with the team at Kent ISD from the beginning of their data gathering program to create and improve solutions that put performance analytics at the fingertips of educators.

Together, our teams recognize the value of making quality data accessible to people who can use it for maximum impact in the classroom. With this in mind, we worked closely with experienced educators at Kent ISD to deliver a web based platform for analytics and reporting. This allows teachers and other EDU professionals to access meaningful analytics in a secure environment, allowing users to ask and answer their own questions using powerful reports and data visualizations. 

A wealth of experience in education enabled our team to create analytics views that enable the measurement of achievement & performance based on federal and state curriculum standards. Further, we were able to identify key measures and thresholds for reading and math that allow the system to identify content areas that are being mastered and content areas that require additional focus. 

The next opportunity will be to provide a stream of curriculum aligned content to educators and students based on these analytics. 

Knowledge is power and nowhere is this more true than in the education space. Kent ISD is positioned uniquely within the education environment as a services provider and data aggregator. The team at Kent ISD recognized their unique ability to bridge the knowledge gap when it comes to measurement of student achievement and performance. With the ultimate end goal of empowering educators to improve the student experience.  

We made a great team with Kent ISD because we were able to combine our experience in delivering analytics solutions, with their knowledge of education performance data and position as a data aggregator. We dug in and put one of our core skillsets to use in order to create a lasting and impactful solution for our client.