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60K civil servants use a modern digital workplace, streamlining the way they work with information

State of Michigan

The workplace is undergoing a transformation and all industries should be prepared for it.

Many large organizations have a vast number of people creating and sharing documents within their intranet, taking up storage space, getting confused, and raising costs. Enterprise software can help with these problems, but when those solutions aren't configured properly for your unique business, the solution can quickly become the problem.

The bigger the organization, the tougher it is to keep up with technology. Besides just the technical aspects, it's also common to encounter a needed shift in culture and how people prefer to get work done.

Our team has broad experience and technical depth in the design, architecture and implementation of SharePoint Online / Office 365 / Cloud based solutions. Being in the cloud does not exclude your organization from integrating with other key business systems. Whether it is a set of key analytics, status indicators, outage notifications, or the provision of a seamless interface to support time entry or service requests, we have a variety of methods for integration to support these scenarios. 

For example, a search-driven architecture and design will provide ways for users to access resources that are always present within the portal. Content can be filtered or sorted by relevance, popularity, or even whether or not it was recently viewed by the user.

It can also be used as a mechanism to empower non-web-admin users to create and manage content, instead of the burden falling on one single portal owner. All of these features can be delivered in a framework that provides a highly responsive and customized user experienced, providing the freedom to access important resources from wherever they are and from any device.

We can be your trusted advisor and can do more than just configure your O365 / SharePoint Online environment.  We partner with you to identify needs specific to your organization.  We work side by side with you to migrate content and identify business process requirements. We identify the most efficient ways SharePoint can be used to connect your team with the resources they need every day.