The Bulb Culture Evolution:

The Greenhouse

Dan Gibson
August 14, 2019

If we could have one of every plant, we would... and believe me, we're trying! We're excited to continue sharing the story of how we're building a studio that supports the work we do.

Background Story

Back when Bulb Digital was starting out, the team sat in a small 500 sq. foot office, which had decent natural light, but lacked any life or character. On an IKEA run one day, we picked out a few small plants to liven up the office. Little did we know that was just the beginning of the Bulb Digital plant obsession.

When we eventually moved into our current space, we picked out a palm tree and our Fiddle-Leaf Fig tree. Then a couple people brought in their own pots and plants, those plants outgrew their pots and were split up into new ones, a houseplant that didn’t fit in someone's home was brought in, and others were chosen specifically to grow our collection. The plants became a welcomed movement in our studio and for the team.

Our Collection

  • Cereus Cactus
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig tree
  • White Bird of Paradise
  • Snake plant
  • Prickly Pear Cactus
  • Lady Finger Cactus
  • Jade plant
  • Dragon Tree
  • Dieffenbachia (AKA Dumb Cane)
  • Vining Philodendron
  • Pilea Peperomioides (AKA Chinese money plant)
  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Corn Plant Dracena
  • The Unknown Plant
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Why Have Them?

The plant obsession happened (ahem) organically, and it's really as simple as they look nice, are fun to grow, and make us feel good.

When working indoors with technology and screens most days of the week, it's nice to have some green life in our space. The plants provide a burst of energy that helps us get through the dormant winters, or sense of calmness when things are busy.

They're also a shared interest for multiple team members that have several plants in their homes.  Since they fit in well fit in well with our custom furniture (spoiler alert!), almost everyone has one very close to their work stations, which they've either picked out themselves or have chosen to keep close.

How They Fit Into Our Culture

Besides everyone enjoying them, our plant collection represents how we approach many problems, patience, intention, and care. We care about the outcomes and are able to be patient and intentional about the approach we take. That approach can be flexible and based on the needs of the plants. It's a great metaphor for the same dedication we take with all of clients!

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