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Where can I “test” using Microsoft Teams?

Do you have recommendations for keeping track of my time? And monitoring where I may be wasting time?

Which Teams app would you recommend the most for an editable platform for internal and external users to edit together and share ideas?

When designing a solution how would you distinguish if some of the design elements are future proof vs over designed?

Are custom images going to be re-enabled for Teams Announcement Headers?

When will nested M365 Groups become an available feature?

What is the difference between Synce and “Add shortcut to OneDrive”?

Any idea when array formulas will become an excel formula?

When syncing a SharePoint document library to your File Explorer, how do you ‘un-sync’?

What are the differences in a Dataverse rollup vs. calculated vs formula columns?

How do you prevent multiple runs of the same trigger in Power Automate?

Is there a way to do create a field in model driven apps that is specifically for time and goes in 15 min intervals?

What matrix or method do you use to prioritize (beyond urgent, important, etc.) tasks, whether it be HR, dev, or whatever topical category?

Is there a way to change multiple [Intranet] page designs at once?

How do you determine if a project would be a good candidate for a Power Platform solution or not?

Have you done an embedded canvas app into a model driven app, if so do you know how to make it smaller?

What words do you associate with Bulb Digital?

Biggest difference between OneNote and Loop?

Should I be using a Production environment for my solutions that are public? Should it be managed? Will it cost extra to connect to Dataverse?

How do I default the saving of student’s document to the cloud instead of the desktop?

What’s the best way to share an external video I don’t have downloaded with my team?

How do I restore a deleted meeting link and use same chat?

How do you control the user that shows in created by when patching from an app?

How do I display the name of the month previous from a given date?

Would you recommend calling a flow from PowerApps versus when an item is created or updated?

Developers new to a low-code approach?

How to navigate Pro Developers used to .Net solutions to understand the low code approach of power platform and a more agile approach?

How to integrate calendars and tasks?

How to change the ownership from user/team on a table to Business unit?

Using free tools instead of M365

Service Account workaround?

Loop — are custom templates available?

Service Principals vs. Service Accounts?

When updating an item on SharePoint list, is there a way to avoid having to put in existing values for choice columns that aren't being updated?

What is the best way to set up tables for a Model Driven App reoccurring task?

How do you add the timespan to Teams Meeting?

How to use M365 for project development?

How to use M365 for project development?

What is the best way to handle attachments (i.e. PDF or images) within SharePoint lists or other means like One Drive?

What are the benefits of using parent / child flows?

Slack or Teams?

Asana in comparison to Slack and Teams?

How can I do a 'For each' Loop in Canvas apps? The ForAll() function isn't iterating properly.

Can I rename a file in Power Apps to rename a file attachment in SharePoint?

Can I filter out the current user, user's supervisor, and direct reports when using O365 Groups connector to get users?

Can a bot prompt a user to fill out a form, and then e-mail the submission?

Can Bulb Digital make an app for me?

How do you join the room data for the Book A Room App?

Modern Calendar View - Will the calendar dynamically update when new events are added to the list?

Can you distinguish between Portals in Power Apps (standalone) and Power Apps for Teams?

How can I integrate an existing help desk app with one we want to manage in SharePoint/Power Apps?

Can the Asset Management Power App Template be updated to support check-in and check-out of assets?

Help Desk App - I’m trying to grant myself admin permissions, but I keep getting an error message?

How can I change the view of a calendar that has been migrated from classic to modern SharePoint?

How can I embed a dashboard in my Canvas App?

How can I calculate a score based on SharePoint form inputs?

I want to create a ticketing system that registers inbox emails as tickets, and when dragged to another folder are registered as closed.

Can I use one of the Microsoft Project tools to view all MS Project types?

Could you explain the 5000 item limit for SharePoint Libraries and Lists?

Dataverse Subscription - How do I know if our tier of service can use Dataverse or Power Apps Portals?

Can I use a Gallery in Power apps to display items from a list with 100k rows without performance issues if I manage delegation properly?

How can citizen developers shake the connotation of being shadow IT?

Can you help with capturing name/contact info using Microsoft Form and capturing input in a SharePoint List?

Do you prefer one screen or multiple screen Power Apps? Or is it dependent on another factor, such as number/size of data sources loading each screen?

I am having an issue with my flow creating a SharePoint item from an MS Form. The dynamic content for Title and Name fields were missing. Is this because I set up the SharePoint columns wrong?

Expiring access tokens with a custom connector - Azure Functions?

Can I connect to two Azure tenants from a Power App?

Can you associate and project in Project for the Web with an existing Group or Team?

Can MS Power Virtual Agents initiate interaction, like "Hi, can I help you?"

How do I set myself as an administrator for the Help Desk app?

How do I deal with a flow that is now spamming people in my organization?

How does Matt really feel about Stored Procedures?

How do I notify external users when something happens in a Teams channel that they're invited to?

How can you leverage Office 365 resources for planning and project management?

How do I lock down my environment so that I can protect my content from being downloaded or shared outside my organization?

How can I quickly rename (find/replace) an incorrect data source reference in my Canvas App?

How do I connect the Help Desk app to my SharePoint list data?

How do I troubleshoot a runtime error in a Canvas App?

How do I deal with errors coming from Office365Users.UserPhotoMetadata() in Power Apps?

How do I set a Canvas App Gallery item template to display 4 items in a 2x2 grid layout?

How should I develop in the Power Platform today if I don’t have my final environment set up yet?

How do I change username to email in the sign-in page for a power apps portal?

How can I stop users from having direct access to SharePoint list data, but still let them create and view the data from a Canvas App?

How do I build an app that redirects the user based on their permission/role?

How should I configure a Leave Request app that displays when other people have already requested leave?

How do I update a multi-select choice field using a Power Apps Patch?

How do you identify executive sponsors for Power Platform adoption?

How do you deal with putting personal identifiable data in SharePoint or Power Apps?

How much customization should we do in O365 given Microsoft is changing things all the time?

How do I update all of the records from one data source based on data from a different data source (eg. updating a field in a SharePoint List based on data from a different SharePoint List)?

How can I streamline data collection for my employee onboarding process?

Is there a way I can deep link between a canvas app and model-driven app, but have a way to go “back” to where I was in the canvas app?

Is there a way to create a SharePoint page that will accept user input, parse an XML doc, calculate something and return a result to the user?

In terms of Power Automate, is there a way to search a pdf attachment for keywords to assign meta tags?

I passed MB-910. Now how do I become proficient with Power Apps?

I want to get aggregate counts for data from a list, grouped by some field in that list, into a collection in a Canvas App.

Is there a way to branch the choice column in a SharePoint list?

If you do a get items action and you want the top record, is there a way to prevent the apply to each when doing an update action on the get item action?

How to get senior management to buy into investing in technology?

Is it best to capture data in Microsoft Forms or SharePoint List and Libraries?

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