The Values of Bulb Digital

Josh Everingham
June 1, 2020

In everything we do we try to provide value to our customers, to our community, and to one another. Because of this, value is a term which is very important to us. When we say it, we don’t strictly mean money, but also the principles and standards that we strive to live by. These standards are ingrained into our business practices and are championed by each and every bulb in the bunch. We’ve written some of these values down to serve as mantras to live by.

Make Others Successful

Every story needs a hero. Someone who rises to a challenge and saves the day. Our goal is not to be those heroes, but to create them and to help them along the way. We like to position ourselves as the guide who helps the hero meet their potential. We’re the Gandalf to their Frodo, the Yoda to their Luke Skywalker. It’s their destiny to save the galaxy, we’re just here to help along the way.

Fail Forward

Thomas Edison famously said regarding his multiple unsuccessful efforts to create a lightbulb: “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” Through those trials, and despite those initial failures, the Edison lightbulb paved the way for modern life as we know it. At Bulb, we take pride in our failures. In fact, we don’t look at them as failures, we look at them as a lesson learned. When we fail, we fail forward, and we take one step closer to successful outcomes for ourselves and for our customers.

Embrace the Unknown

It’s safe to say that nobody could have predicted the changes that 2020 has brought us. The world is changing each day, and nobody is sure what tomorrow will hold. Justifiably, this has been the cause of all sorts of anxieties and uncertainties, but with uncertainty comes opportunity to pave the way for the future. We’ve learned that embracing the unknown will often lead to innovation and a chance to solve a problem we wouldn’t normally encounter.

Unquestionable Fairness

Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody else is looking. Especially when nobody else is looking. We refuse to cut corners, step on others, or compromise our integrity to get ahead. Our work speaks for itself; we don’t need to stack the deck in our favor.  

Be Kind and Optimistic

According to Chris Hadfield: "No Astronaut launches for space with their fingers crossed.” While we might not be leaving our atmosphere, we know that we too must always move without fear. Being kind and optimistic promotes a clear mind that is set on solving the problem at hand. Looking to the positive also helps build a trusting team internally – always see the best in someone, don’t read into words, and always look to uncover positive intentions.

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A list of values is never all-encompassing. We’d love to have more on this list, but when everything is important, nothing is important. We’ve chosen these 5 to focus on and try to live out every day at Bulb Digital. A lot of these values relate to how we view the work that we do - we know that it’s not about us. When we partner with a client for a project, we’re working to achieve an outcome for their business. We want to make them successful, and we’ll figure out how to move the ball in the direction of the goal.

If you're interested in learning more about our values, check out how we brought them to life.

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