Your Guide to Using the SharePoint Modern Calendar View

Ashley Jolman, CSM

April 28, 2021

We’ll show you how to configure a modern calendar view and a quick way to also display that calendar on any SharePoint page!

Until recently SharePoint Modern sites couldn’t show list data with a date column in a Calendar view. This was a huge missing feature as this functionality makes viewing data by date very natural to consume. Now that Microsoft has added a calendar view to Microsoft Lists we also have a modern calendar view in SharePoint.

One of the differences in SharePoint between classic and modern team sites has been the availability of a calendar view for lists. In a Classic site, you could create a Calendar list and then display the data on any page using the list web part. Many users have been left frustrated at the loss of the feature in the ‘upgrade’ to the modern SharePoint experience, and they’ve turned to piecing together classic view calendars on their modern site. This is not only a bit of an eyesore, but it limits functionality. Microsoft has solved part of this issue by adding a modern calendar view. These can be created in Microsoft Lists. One piece of functionality that is still missing is the ability for the web part to display the modern calendar view. However, there is a quick workaround to accomplish this by embedding the modern calendar into a page.  

Create a New Calendar View in the Modern Experience

The first step is to create a modern calendar view. The easiest way to create a new calendar view is to open the list you want to view, and simply click the drop-down on the top menu bar to change your view. Select ‘Create new view:’

From here, you will be prompted to name your view, select ‘Calendar’, and customize start/end dates:

Once created, your list view now shows as a calendar.  You can even select Calendar view as your default.   

Now that you’ve created your Calendar view, lets display it on our SharePoint site. 

Adding a Modern Calendar to SharePoint Online 

Once you created your modern calendar view, you may want to add it to a SharePoint page so you can include it with other content. Unfortunately, this isn’t available in the out-of-the-box web parts yet. There is a workaround, where you use the embed web part to display the view. 

To embed this web part, follow the steps below: 

  1. In your List, open the calendar view  
  2. Copy the URL of the calendar view from your browser and save it (will be used at a later step) 
  3. Navigate back to your modern SharePoint page and enter Edit mode by clicking the Edit button in the top right corner, and add an Embed web part 
  4. If you paste the link into the “website address or embed code” box, you’ll receive an error.  You will need to paste your link using an iframe in the following format: `<iframe src="[Your_View_URL]" width="100%" height="720"></iframe>`
  5. Save and publish the page 

The result should be a modern calendar integrated into the design of your modern page: 


Users have eagerly awaited the modern calendar view in SharePoint. While we hope that one day Microsoft allows this view directly from the web part, this workaround is great and easy to implement. 

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